Demands to establish humanitarian corridors for the exit of women and children from Al-Juba in Marib


Yemeni activists demanded the establishment of safe humanitarian corridors for families and children to leave the Al-Juba area in the Ma’rib governorate.

Marib activist Yasmine Abd Rabbo Al-Qadi said in a post on her Facebook page: “We have repeatedly warned of this scenario and it is horrific to live those nightmares that could have been avoided. For women, children and civilians, as stipulated by international humanitarian law.”

Al-Qadi added: “Only from my family are ten women and four children alone in the house. They have been bombarded with various weapons since yesterday, and like them others in Al-Juba. Let them pass in respect of international humanitarian law.”

Al-Qadi concluded her publication by saying: “Protecting civilians is a duty for everyone according to international humanitarian law, and our religion forbids deliberately targeting civilians during the course of hostilities.

Al-Juba area in Marib governorate is witnessing Houthi shelling targeting women and children in homes, amid violent battles between the National Army and the Houthis on its outskirts.

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