Describing her situation as tragic… The coalition reveals what is happening in Al-Abdiyyah in Marib


The Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen reported that the Iranian-backed Houthi militias have prevented relief organizations and humanitarian aid from entering the besieged civilians in the Abdiya district (south of Marib).

The coalition revealed that, during the past 24 hours, it carried out 43 operations targeting militia mechanisms and elements in Abdiya, indicating that the targeting process included the destruction of 9 military vehicles, and human losses exceeded 134 terrorist elements.

The coalition added, in a statement, that “the Houthi militia prevented the entry of relief organizations and relief aid to the besieged civilians.”

The Houthi militia is imposing a suffocating siege from all sides on Al-Abdiyyah, threatening at least 9,827 children living under the siege and suffering from malnutrition, 2,465 of whom suffer from acute malnutrition, while 3,451 women need health and reproductive care.

The coalition forces in support of the Yemeni National Army and tribesmen stressed the need to lift the siege on civilians in the Abdiya district, noting that the humanitarian situation in Abdiya is tragic, and that they are looking at “all humanitarian and operational options.”

The coalition also called on the international community and humanitarian organizations to take responsibility for lifting the siege on civilians in Abdiya.

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