Describing it as a disgusting viscosity, a Yemeni diplomat comments on Qardahi’s statements and reveals the reason for the “futility of the war” in Yemen


Yemeni diplomat Dr. Muhammad Jumaih commented on the statements of the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Qardahi, regarding the absurdity of the war in Yemen, indicating the party that rejects the ceasefire until today in Yemen.

Jomaih said, during a series of posts on Twitter, followed by “The Yemeni Scene”, that Qardahi’s statements are characterized by revolting viscosity, and the reason is that Qardahi’s heart is with Iran and his pocket is with the Gulf.

Jumaih explained that George Qardahi knows for sure that “the Houthis have been waging war on the Yemenis since 2004, and that today they are waging aggression against Marib, yet he said that the Houthis are facing aggression!”
At the same time, he said he respects the leadership of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the aggressors!”

Jumaih wondered, since the war in Yemen is absurd – according to George Qardahi – who is the one who refuses a ceasefire today? He pointed out that the United Nations, America, Europeans, British, Saudis and Arabs, and everyone is calling for a ceasefire, and the Houthis are the ones who reject that.

Jumaih stressed that if the war in Yemen is absurd, it is Al Houthi who refuses to stop it, according to the testimony of all.

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