Despite his exclusion, a single success of the “Houthis” ends the hopes of a unified Yemen and puts “America” ​​in a difficult position and out of options (special translation)


The former member of the United Nations Panel of Experts on Yemen, Gregory D. Johnson, suggested that the Houthis’ achievement of a single success would end the hopes of a unified Yemen and put the United States of America, in a difficult position and out of options.

He said in an analysis published by the Institute for Gulf States Studies in Washington, entitled “The Empty US Toolbox in Yemen”, translated by “The Yemeni Scene”, that if “the Houthis succeed in seizing the capital of Marib, which seems increasingly likely, this will give them control over gas fields, and ends any lingering hopes of reshaping Yemen as one country.”

He stressed that, “The dynamics in Marib have put the United States in a difficult position. The United States has no influence over the Houthis, sanctions have not worked, and strong-worded statements by the United States and the United Nations are not heard, and direct U.S. military involvement is inappropriate. successful”.

When it comes to Yemen, the United States is out of options. And one of two things is about to happen; either the United States will need outside help from Iran to persuade the Houthis to stop their offensive before the fall of Marib (but why will Iran pressure its allies to stop, and why the Houthis will listen? If the matter is not clear), or the Houthis will take Marib, press south on Shabwa, and the international community’s goal of reviving a united Yemeni state will collapse.”

“The Houthis see no reason to compromise or negotiate. They rightly believe that they are winning on the battlefield and that if they continue to press in Marib they can eventually seize the oil and gas fields and secure an independent state led by the Houthis,” he noted.

He noted that “if the Houthis succeed in capturing Marib, it is likely that they will head south to Shabwa in an attempt to control the oil fields there and expand their economic base, and given that Marib is the westernmost of these governorates, and the closest to the areas they control, the group was of one mind.” focus on Ma’rib.

He explained that “the Biden administration, after years of Democrats’ criticism of the Saudi-led coalition, is not ready to back down on its decision to provide offensive weapons to the Saudis, and the new administration, since taking office, will discover the dangers of applying pressure when it has influence on only one side.”

The economic resources of the country, especially the oil and gas fields, are concentrated in Marib, Shabwa, and Hadramawt. In order for the Houthis to live as a state, they need to control at least one of these governorates; According to the analysis.

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