Despite the escalation in Marib and Hadi’s despair, “Al-Mashat” renews the Houthis’ readiness for “comprehensive peace” and the strengthening of guarantees and interests, and warns against “wasting opportunities.”


Today, Wednesday, the head of the so-called “Supreme Political Council”, Mahdi al-Mashat, renewed the Houthi rebels’ readiness for a “comprehensive peace”, and warned against “wasting opportunities.”

In a speech on the eve of the 58th anniversary of the October 14 revolution, which was followed by the “Yemeni scene,” he said, “We affirm our full readiness for comprehensive and lasting peace and to enter into mutual guarantees and commitments to address concerns and promote the legitimate interests of both sides.” In conjunction with a continuous Houthi escalation towards the city of Marib, and the President of the Republic, Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, confirming the killing of Al-Salam at the hands of the Houthi militia.

He warned against ignoring calls for peace and continuing to jump on reality and wasting opportunities launched by the Houthis, which he described as “sincere.” As far as he claims.


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