Despite the gains, you must do everything in your power to sabotage the existing system!


As tempting as the circumstantial gains of marriage may be, celibacy remains the finest possible order of life, the most eminent embodiment of the idea of ​​human perfection, the perfect expression of a state of inner fullness, whereby being stands facing the planet on its own, needing nothing outside of it. This idea of ​​need is offensive to anything, including your need for a female.
There is a famous philosophical explanation, which explains the deep roots of a being’s need for the other: escaping from resistance to existential fears, singly, through the desire to fuse with the other. The desire for self-distraction, the search for fragile safety outside of it, it is helplessness, only a state of regression.
The idea of ​​merging a body with a body is also in one of its faces, an embodiment of the return of the being to primitive stages, no matter how poets try to beautify it, and even religions, no one can strip it of its degenerate dimension.. It is a return to before the emergence of the idea of ​​human consciousness, according to Cioran, towards the stage of chimpanzees. .
Whenever I feel an urgent need for a female, I enter into a dialogue with myself, why do I need her now, suppose I got her, many lived the atmosphere, what has changed, nothing, have they turned into genius beings..and this is how I transfer the imagination beyond need.
I try to destroy the idea of ​​need by subjecting it to accountability. I dismantle the mental illusion with the question of feasibility, that illusion that empty songs, poems and writers amplify.
You can list the many troubles of celibacy, but no one can doubt that it remains a higher way of life, the highest manifestation of being, in the world of knowledge, and by the criterion of rational evaluation, celibacy, loneliness, solitude, it is the life of a being before his disability/marriage, his life as a godlike creature.
Blessed is he who has lived free from the curse of love and the fetters of females.
My young friend: As long as you are single, you must do everything in your power to sabotage the existing order, even if it is against your will, tomorrow you will not be able to utter a word. Remember this, to do your job well. If you cannot prevent them from doing that on Thursday evening, you must confuse them in the morning, lowering the degree of their mental enjoyment in it.. and that is the weakest of faith.

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