Despite the heavy turnout… Aden Net has stopped recording the sale of internet chips


Aden Net Company clarified, this evening, Sunday, that it had stopped the process of registering applications for obtaining Internet chips, which had already been opened this morning, through its website.

The company, in a statement via its Facebook account, revealed that the sale has been stopped for this day, Sunday, and indicated that tomorrow the site will be opened to request registration again.

Today, Sunday, the company launched the registration of applications for Aden Net chips, through its website.

However, the registration process was met with widespread criticism, expressed by users of social networking programs, with comments in the company’s account on Facebook.

Citizens complained about the inability to log in and register to the site, in addition to the inability to register as a result of the refusal of the electronic form for identity and phone numbers, even though it is correct.

Hundreds confirmed that it was impossible to register for them through the Aden Company website, and considered this a failure on the part of the company, and deliberately making the process of obtaining the chip difficult, expecting that this was in order to sell it on the black market, as happened before.

The first day of distributing internet sims to Aden Net witnessed a huge turnout from citizens to register.

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