Despite the siege of the Houthis, a woman from Al-Abdiyyah in Marib impresses the pioneers of social networking sites for doing this


A woman from the Al-Abdiya area in the Ma’rib governorate has aroused the admiration of the pioneers of social networking sites because of what she has done.

Where the woman appeared in a photo circulated by the pioneers of social networking sites, carrying food for her children fighters on the Abdiya front in the Marib governorate, holding the national flag in her other hand.

Marib journalist Abdel Wahab Nimran commented on the photo by saying: “This mother carries lunch for her children from the Bani Abd tribe in one of the sites in the Al-Abdiyyah Marib front after the Houthis cut all the supply lines. Al-Alia sits on the outskirts of its borders, mothers with such greatness and children for whom history will be written.”

It is noteworthy that the Al-Abdiya area in Marib has been subjected to a suffocating Houthi siege for nearly a week, amid the great courage of its fighters.

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