Destruction of a mosque in Sanaa, flattening it and looting its floor


Last Wednesday, the Houthi militia demolished a mosque in the capital, Sanaa, and robbed its floor.

And media sources said, “The Houthi militia demolished a mosque for women attached to the Moqbel Mosque, behind the Al-Azzani Center in the Al-Sabeen District in the occupied capital, Sana’a, and mediated on its floor.”

The sources indicated that the militias demolished the mosque amid tight security and prevented photography, and leveled it with the aim of controlling its location and building a house for one of its leaders.

The leaders of the Houthi militia continue to build palaces in Sanaa in light of a stifling economic crisis, the high cost of living, cutting employee salaries, looting humanitarian aid and oil derivatives and selling them on the black market.

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