Details of what happened in “Abdiya” in Marib during the past hours… and an urgent appeal was launched


Violent battles continued between the forces of the National Army and the Popular Resistance on the one hand, and the Houthi militia on the other hand, on the various fronts of fighting in the Abdiya district, south of Marib Governorate.

Field sources said that the battles have continued since yesterday evening, Sunday, after breaking dozens of Houthi attacking groups, in the battles of the past two days.

The sources described the battles as the fiercest, in light of a suffocating siege imposed by the Houthi militia on the district three weeks ago.

In addition, the local authority in Marib Governorate expressed its displeasure and disappointment at the failure of the UN agencies, international organizations and the International Committee of the Red Cross to carry out their humanitarian tasks and duties towards the besieged people in the Abdiya district, south of Ma’rib governorate.

The local authority in Ma’rib called for an urgent response and expedited meeting the necessary needs of the besieged people in the Al-Abdiya district, where the situation threatens to cause a humanitarian catastrophe in all fields.

And the media quoted a source in the local authority in Marib, as saying: “The international organizations and the Red Cross Committee were addressed to carry out their humanitarian duty to provide a safe passage for the necessary humanitarian needs of food and medicine and to rescue the wounded as a result of the Houthi militia attacks, but these organizations did not fulfill their tasks and duties. and its responsibilities.”

The source explained that: “About 35,000 people have been living under siege, dangers and difficult humanitarian conditions for more than twenty days, as the entry of basic needs was prevented, and they were subjected to missile and artillery bombardment by the Houthi militia, which is a war crime and genocide.” .

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