Details of what happened in the Abdiya front in Marib, after 12 hours of bloody battles


The forces of the National Army and the Popular Resistance managed to break the continuous Houthi attacks since last night in the Abdiya front in Marib Governorate.

Field sources said that the army and the resistance forces broke dozens of Houthi attacks from various directions on the Abdiya district, which the Houthi militia has imposed a suffocating siege on for 19 days.

The sources pointed out that the bloody battles lasted for more than 12 continuous hours, ending with the defeat of the Houthi militia, during which the army and resistance forces repelled the fiercest attack from various axes, since the beginning of the Houthi siege last September.

The sources confirmed that dozens of militiamen were killed and wounded, during the bloody attack, which lasted from midnight last night, until Saturday afternoon.

The Houthi militia has imposed a suffocating siege on the Abdiya district of Marib governorate for 19 consecutive days, during which it prevented patients from being allowed to leave, as well as the entry of goods and foodstuffs, in light of international complicity in the militias’ crimes.

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