Details of what happened this morning on the Marib fronts


Field sources revealed details of what happened during the early hours, today, Friday, on the various fronts of Marib (east of Sanaa).

Arab coalition fighters launched a series of air raids targeting Houthi militia positions on a number of Marib fronts.

Field sources said that, on Friday morning, coalition warplanes targeted human gatherings of militias in the Abdiya front.

The sources added that coalition warplanes targeted militia positions and reinforcements, in Al-Juba, Al-Abdiyyah and Harib districts.

The sources confirmed that the raids resulted in killing and wounding of militiamen and the destruction of military vehicles and militia reinforcements on the aforementioned fronts.

In addition, Houthi media confirmed that Arab coalition fighters launched 38 air raids on their positions in the Serwah and Al-Juba districts, without giving further details.

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