Details of what happened this morning, south of Marib, and a strong intervention by the coalition fighters


This morning, Wednesday, Arab coalition fighters launched a series of violent raids on Houthi militia sites, south of Marib.

Field sources said that the coalition fighters launched lightning raids on the back fronts of the Houthi militia on the fronts south of Marib at dawn today.

The sources confirmed the killing and wounding of militiamen, and the burning of a number of crews, armored vehicles and military vehicles.

Yesterday, sources confirmed the arrival of large reinforcements for the militias from Maysara Sarwah, Maysara Kofal, and the Khawlan areas in Sana’a governorate, through Naqil al-Watdah and Wadi Habbab, west of Serwah, heading to the Wadi Dhanna front, where the militias are trying to penetrate the front of the army and resistance forces from new axes.

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