Dialogue with my little boy!


A little while ago my little boy called me, saying:

Papa, why does our government leave the militias the freedom to choose the time and place to attack the army and tribes in all of Yemen?

Do you know, Yababa, if they overthrow Marib, they will go to Shabwah and then Hadramout, and divide the south into two parts, then they will advance from Hadramout towards Aden.

They will leave the coast until they take Aden, and then Dhubab and Bab al-Mandab, and you know that the transitional forces are not qualified for organized fighting, but rather for a regional fight, and they will not withstand day and night against the militias. And as soon as they fall down the Bab al-Mandeb, the coast is considered finished, and thus the whole of Yemen is in their hands, and under their feet. And there is an important point, Baba, of which you are not aware, that the more militias take an area, the more people support them, not out of love but out of fear, and you saw Bin Habtoor when he came to Arabia after the Houthis entered Aden and called for confronting them and confronting the Persian expansion, and after a while, he called Abd al-Malik al-Habib And whoever comes to him, he tells him the honors of the beloved who constantly consoles him with money, kindness and supplication!

I replied firmly to him: How do you know the afflictions of Amrgal, my son? I rest and leave these matters to our leaders, for they know me, you, and the Yemeni people.

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