Did the army retreat and advance to the Houthis because of betrayals? .. The Minister of Defense answers


The Yemeni Minister of Defense, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Ali Al-Maqdashi, said that the retreat of the National Army in the face of the Houthi militia’s attack on some fronts is the result of the militias’ continuous pressure, and not, as some claim, that the reason for the retreat is betrayals in the ranks of the army and the legitimate government.

In an exclusive interview with the Saudi newspaper Okaz, Al-Maqdashi said that the fronts that witnessed a retreat by the army were not due to betrayals, adding: “There are no betrayals in the face of the Persian project, and any results of pressure here and there are from the course of the war and from the history of battles.”
Pointing out that Taiz and Al-Bayda have represented the spearhead in confronting the sectarian project since the revolution of September 26, 1962, and they have historically been in the face of this sectarian project. Therefore, it is not surprising that the sectarian militias were desperate to focus on striking these two governorates and emptying their hidden hatred against their sons who They are in the arenas of championship and redemption.

The Yemeni Defense Minister confirmed that there has been no retreat on the conservative fronts, and the fronts there have recently witnessed progress in a number of fighting axes.

And whether the army is being stabbed by Yemeni forces, Al-Maqdashi said: “Unfortunately, the situation in the country has allowed some forces and parties to deviate from the objectives of the battle, and to have their interests prevail over the national interest, and this certainly affected the conduct of the ongoing combat operations on the ground, and this was reflected negatively on efforts to enable state authorities to extend their influence and carry out their national duties.”

He stressed that the side battles at all levels between the components of legitimacy, contributed to the confusion and misleading of society at home and abroad, and negatively affected the performance of the government and the cohesion of the republican rank and extended its influence to the fighter in the field and provided the enemy with some breathing opportunities at the expense of the national and Arab cause.

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