Did the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel dispense with its Jordanian announcer, Ola Al-Faris?


A broadcaster on the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel revealed the fact that she was dispensed with her services, using a popular Saudi example.

The media, Ola Al-Faris, denied circulating news about Al-Jazeera dispensing with her, commenting on her Twitter account, saying: “The slanderer only utters from the heat of the heat.”

Recently, there was news on social networking sites about Al-Jazeera dispensing with Ola Al-Faris, and it was said that this came for reasons including “the lack of direct influence on the audience.”

And last month, Ola Al-Faris published a promotional clip for her new program, which is a new look on Al-Jazeera screen and bears the name “The Other Side”.

Ola Al-Faris is a Jordanian media person of Palestinian origin, born in 1985. She joined Al-Jazeera in May 2019, months after she announced her resignation from the MBC channel group, where she was presenting the social news program “MBC in a Week”. .

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