Directive to investigate the issue of buried spare parts belonging to Aden Electricity


The Minister of Electricity and Energy, Dr. Anwar Kalashat, Director General of the Electricity Corporation and Director of Aden Electricity issued a directive to quickly investigate the issue of “spare parts and equipment that were found buried underground near the Al-Haswa station in the Buriqa district, which is affiliated with Aden Electricity,” calling on the concerned authorities to investigate the case and take action. The necessary legal measures, and the results of the investigation submitted as soon as possible to know the circumstances and details of the incident, to find out its results, and to hold all those who are proven to be involved are held accountable.

A number of news websites had circulated news that the Aden Electricity Command and officials at the Al-Haswa station had found, during the past few days, spare parts buried in a way that suggested that there were hands that were systematically sabotaging the electricity.

According to news websites, the spare parts that were buried were mostly new, which were purchased with huge funds to repair some generators and equipment for power stations.

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