Directives from General Al-Ahmar regarding Hodeidah and Taiz


The Vice President of the Republic, Lieutenant-General Ali Mohsen Saleh, directed the local authorities in the governorates of Taiz and Hodeidah to redouble their efforts and complete the tasks that would end the siege imposed on the city of Taiz, and end the suffering of citizens and displaced people in Hodeidah and all over the country.

Today, Sunday, General Al-Ahmar made two phone calls to the Governor of Taiz Governorate, Nabil Shamsan, and the Governor of Hodeidah Governorate, Dr. Hassan Taher, to learn about field developments and to check on the conditions of the citizens and the displaced.

During the two calls, the Vice President listened to a brief report on the developments, the progress of military operations and the victories achieved by the heroes on the battle fronts in the governorates of Al-Hodeidah and Taiz, and the efforts of the local authorities and executive offices in providing basic services to citizens and the displaced, extending the influence of the state and consolidating security and stability in the liberated areas.

The Vice President of the Republic saluted the great victories of the heroes in Hodeidah and Taiz, and the achievements they made on the way to completing the liberation of the remaining areas under the control of the Iranian sectarian Houthi militia and the restoration of the Yemeni state and its constitutional institutions.

The Vice President praised the sacrifices, heroic stances and immortal struggles that the heroes are conducting on the various fronts and fields of freedom and dignity against the Iranian militias of the coup and terrorism.

The Vice President referred to the militia’s escalation of terrorist attacks towards the liberated areas and civilian objects in the Kingdom and the threat to international navigation, and their blatant coup against the Stockholm Agreement after its implementation was suspended from the first day, including the two humanitarian parts related to lifting the siege on Taiz and releasing all the kidnapped, in addition to its recent kidnapping. To the staff of the United Nations, calling on the international community to contribute to deterring these criminal practices and punishing the militias and their Iranian supporters.

The Vice President renewed his thanks and appreciation for the brotherly Arab support provided by the coalition forces to support legitimacy led by the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their great role in achieving these field achievements and victories.

For their part, the governors of Taiz and Hodeidah expressed their appreciation for the attention and follow-up of the political leadership, stressing the high morale of the heroic fighters, and the continuation of progress to defeat and defeat the terrorist militias and the sectarian coup backed by Tehran.

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