Directives to President Hadi on providing rapid and urgent support


Today, Friday, Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi directed the government to provide quick and urgent support to the damage caused by the natural disaster, help the citizens and those affected, provide the necessary assistance, identify the damage caused by the torrential rains that swept a number of areas in Hadramout Governorate, and take the necessary solutions and treatments.

President Hadi stressed, during a phone call to the Governor of Hadhramaut, Commander of the Second Military Region, Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahsani, the need to make all efforts to rescue and assist the stranded and to provide urgent humanitarian aid to the affected and displaced.

President Hadi continued the repercussions of the damage caused by the rains and torrential rains in Hadhramaut Governorate, which caused severe damage to public and private properties.

For his part, Governor Al-Bahsani reviewed, during the call, a report on the extent of the damage caused by the torrential rains in some districts of the governorate.

The governor expressed his thanks for President Hadi’s constant attention and follow-up to the situation in the governorate due to the climatic conditions that caused severe damage to public property.

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