Disclosure of a major Houthi target south of Marib


A human rights source revealed a main target of the Houthi militia south of Marib, coinciding with the continued bombing of civilians.

A Protection Organization for Civil Orientation said, “The facts confirm that civilians south of Marib were not only victims of the war. Rather, they became a premeditated main target for the Houthi bombing of their villages, camps and homes.”

This coincides with the Houthi militia’s deliberate bombing of residential neighborhoods and camps for the displaced in Marib, where thousands of families have fled during the past days from their homes south and west of Marib in search of a safe haven.

In recent days, about 100 civilians were killed in the Houthi militia’s targeting of the residents of Marib, the most prominent of which was the bombing of Dar Al-Hadith, in the Al-Amoud area of ​​the Juba District, where about 40 civilians were killed during the crime.

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