Disclosure of the crisis facing Saudi Arabia today in Yemen


Yemeni researcher specializing in military and strategic affairs, Dr. Ali Al-Dhahab, revealed the crisis facing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today in Yemen.

And the military expert Al-Dahab said in a tweet monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, that Saudi Arabia is facing a crisis of honest and loyal allies in Yemen.

He added: “You can imagine what it means for Saudi Arabia to allow Yemen to become a small Iran, and at the same time, become a highly explosive compound in its southern flank, so that Saudi Arabia becomes among different threats, growing in its surroundings, east and west, north and south “.

Al-Dhahab stressed that Saudi Arabia is aware now more than ever of the danger of the Houthi coup militia, and the kingdom will not secure the Houthi group, at all, even if its dearest friend testifies to it.

Noting that Saudi Arabia is aware more than ever that the Houthi group is an existential threat to it, and the group will not be a threat to Saudi Arabia from Iran only, but from its various opponents and those who claim its friendship.

Since the beginning of this year, the Houthi militia has intensified its attacks towards Saudi Arabia, with ballistic missiles and booby-trapped planes, but the latter announces the interception of all hostile Houthi attempts.

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