Disclosure of the latest developments of the Abdiya front in Marib


Local sources revealed the latest field developments in the Abdiya front in Marib Governorate.

The sources said that violent battles are still burning and continuing since this morning on the Abdiya fronts, following the successive and desperate attacks of the Houthi group, through which the group tried to storm the city.

The sources confirmed that the Houthi militias tried to achieve progress, but they were confronted by Bani Abd and the heroes supporting them from the tribes and the national army.

The sources concluded by saying that the Arab coalition forces continued their aerial bombardment to prevent the Houthi advance.

It is noteworthy that the Houthi militia has imposed a siege on Abdiya for more than twenty days, amid the determination of its people to prevent the Houthis from storming the city and controlling it.

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