Disclosure of the military forces that forced the Houthi militia to retreat from Al-Juba moments after its arrival


Military and field sources revealed that the military forces pushed by the legitimate government from the city of Marib to the Juba district, and forced the Houthi coup militia to retreat after it penetrated into the outskirts of the district, the past hours.

Military and field sources said that the military reinforcements that arrived in Juba include units of the Special Task Forces and Rapid Intervention, in addition to a large number of tribal fighters.

According to the sources, the Special Forces and Rapid Intervention Forces forced the Houthi militia to retreat from the outskirts of the Juba District, after it fought fierce battles against the militias during the past hours.

The sources confirmed that the Houthi coup militia suffered heavy losses in equipment and lives during the confrontations, and that the bodies of the militia fighters were scattered in the valleys.

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