Disclosure of the reason for the deployment of US forces in Hadhramaut and the purpose of their presence


A local source revealed the reality of the presence of foreign forces in Hadhramaut and the reasons for their presence.

The source said that the forces deployed today in the Ghayl Bawazir area were to protect the United Nations team while it was going to the hospital, and to support the health sector and hospital needs.

The source confirmed that the foreign forces have been present since 2016 after the expulsion of al-Qaeda from Mukalla at the Al-Rayyan airport base, and that the goal of their presence is to provide logistical support to the anti-terrorist forces in Hadhramaut Governorate.

Pictures of American soldiers spread this morning from the city of Ghayl Bawazir on the coast of Hadramout, which raised questions among Yemenis on social networking sites.

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