Disclosure of the reason why Hadhramaut security prevented the convoy of the southern leader, Hassan Baoum, from entering Ash-Shihr


A security source revealed to the “Yemeni scene” the reasons for preventing the authorities in Hadhramaut Governorate (east of Yemen) from entering the prominent southern leader and head of the Supreme Council of the Revolutionary Movement Hassan Baoum, who arrived in the country on Wednesday, after years of residing in the Omani capital, Muscat.

The source said that Hassan Baoum came to Hadhramaut accompanied by a number of gunmen and armed crews, which was rejected by the local authority.

The source confirmed that Ba’um is a Hadrami citizen, and what is happening to all the people of Hadramout is to prevent the carrying of arms, except for government and official agencies only.

And Fadi Baoum, head of the Political Bureau of the Supreme Council of the Movement, said – in a post on his Facebook page – that a security point prevented the convoy of leader Hassan Baoum from entering the Ash Shihr district in Hadramout.

He added that the point informed us that it had received instructions from the governorate’s governor, Faraj al-Bahsani, and al-Rabwa operations to prevent the convoy from passing, noting that these provocative actions would not work and express Dankshoutian mentalities, he said.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Baoum arrived at the Sarfit port in Al-Mahra Governorate (east of Yemen), after seven years of voluntary residency in the Omani capital, Muscat, while he was preparing to address the crowds to celebrate the 58th anniversary of the October 14 Revolution.

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