Disobedience is the solution


The people’s going out to the streets and the implementation of popular sit-ins and mass civil disobedience is the only solution to draw the world’s attention towards the famine that is hitting the people.

The bet on the political forces that were formed after the year 2015 is a losing bet because these forces are controlled by the financier and he takes them towards his own interests, and you will not be able to bypass him.

The current situation in Yemen cannot be accepted and its continuation means that people will die in groups of starvation and disease.

People have to move, and the heads of trade unions and human rights organizations should come forward to say the big “no” word, rejecting killing, starving, and humiliating people.

Human rights organizations outside Yemen should seek to file lawsuits on behalf of the Yemeni people against the United Nations and all its organizations, the Arab coalition and the legitimate government, not obligating them to save all people and prevent their death.

Being silent about what people suffer is a betrayal of all values ​​and principles, and for everyone who has the voice of a pen, raise your voice loudly for the sake of people.

Oh god, I advised oh god, witness.

November 23, 2021

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