Document..Houthis arrest a number of citizens and traders in Al-Dhalea on charges of non-payment of the five


The militia arrested a number of citizens and merchants in Al-Dhalea governorate, central Yemen, after accusing them of not paying the “five” zakat, which it imposed according to the fatwa of the Iranian Shiite authority, which is rejected by all religious sects.

Judicial sources told Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni that the Houthis estimated the size of the merchants’ money and imposed on them zakat on “the five” and imprisoned a number of them after refusing to pay except with legal bonds.

The sources confirmed that the families of some prisoners applied to the Damt Public Prosecutor, who demanded the release of the prisoners or their conviction by a legal text, but the directive was rejected by the Damt Police Director and the Houthi appointee unless they paid half a million riyals for each prisoner.

Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni obtained an official document in which each of the prisoners: Riyad Al-Quhaifa, Waddah Ali Ahmed, Muhammad Haidara and Ibrahim Al-Khawlani, complains that they are released or referred to trial, but Damt Police Director refused all directions unless they were accompanied by large sums of money.

The Houthi militia raised taxes and levies under many names, including: improvement, hygiene, income zakat, and Houthi sectarian events, which amount to 18 official occasions, not to mention the war effort, support for missile forces and drones, and protection funds paid to Houthi leaders under the name “protection partner,” which caused the price hike.

The Houthi militia assigned the leader in its ranks, Ahmed Saif Al-Dhahyani, who belongs to the governorate of Saada and has received the sciences of the Twelver sect, as the director of the Zakat office in Al-Dhalea governorate to collect the five zakat through the use of excessive force, which the militia will expand to turn Yemenis into slaves to work for the dynasty in the event that they remain in power.

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