Document .. The Houthis enter electronic messages inviting the disputants to the courts and on behalf of the military instead of the military


The Houthi militia introduced the system of electronic messages to invite the disputants instead of the military implementation, which cost the payment of sums of money to the military vehicle and the soldiers while calling the opponents to the courts and the prosecution.

The “Yemeni Scene” was briefed on a circular issued by the Judicial Inspection Authority of the Supreme Judicial Council, headed by Judge Ahmed Ali Ahmed Al-Shahari, head of the Judicial Inspection Authority, which stipulated activating the provisions of Article (106) of the Procedure Code using electronic means to notify the litigants of the date and numbers.

And judicial sources told the Yemeni scene that the decision was issued yesterday, but it has not been implemented so far, after the judicial police refrained from implementing it, which generates large income from sending requests to opponents, which ranges between 10-20 thousand for the military without transportation costs and more than 200 thousand riyals for the military kit. Four soldiers and a military vehicle.

The circular, which bears No. (75) for the year 2021 AD, included the use of all electronic means to notify opponents of attendance, whether through e-mail, WhatsApp messages, other social media platforms, or SMS text messages.

The circular stipulated that the opponents specify any means through which he wants to communicate with him, which he uses on an ongoing basis, and that he has an argument in the event of opening the message or reading it.

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