Dozens of penguins died due to a swarm of bees


Dozens of penguins have died in an attack by a swarm of bees in South Africa’s Simons Town, media reported Monday.

And the media revealed that the bodies of 63 penguins were found in the area last Friday, with bee stings on their bodies, without any appearance of other injuries.

“It was an unusual and tragic accident,” said Lorraine Howard Clayton, a spokeswoman for the Nature Conservancy in South Africa.

The penguins were part of a colony of “African penguins”, which live in a nature reserve, and are considered endangered, according to the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Some penguins have 20 or more bee stings, the spokeswoman said. Howard Clayton explained that the authorities are currently searching for the hive to find out why the bees attacked the birds.

Alison Cook, a marine biologist with the South African Agency for National Conservations, told the BBC: “Penguins usually coexist with bees. Bees only sting if they are aroused – we are working on the assumption that a bee hive in the area has been attacked. , causing groups of bees to flee in revolt, looking for a target to attack.

“Unfortunately, the target was a flock of penguins that were on their way to the reserve,” Cook added.

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