Dozens of prisoners fall at the Abdiya front..a qualitative operation that turns things upside down


A number of Houthi militia members were killed and others wounded, during the last hours’ battles in the Abdiya front in Marib Governorate, and captives fell into the hands of the tribesmen.

Multiple sources said that dozens of Houthi fighters fell into the hands of the Abdiya tribal fighters, last night, after a Houthi attack on the tribal sites failed.

The sources pointed out that more than 60 Houthis fell into the hands of the tribal fighters, after they tried to make progress towards the positions of the fighters in the Abdiya front, and the fighters also thwarted all these attacks, and inflicted human losses on the militias.

In addition, local sources said, a number of wounded people from the popular resistance died from the sons of Abdiya, as a result of the acute shortage of medicines, medical supplies, and specialized teams, in light of the Houthi siege imposed on them, and the inability of the tribes to transport the wounded outside the district.

The sources confirmed that 3 wounded people died as a result of a lack of medicines, medical teams and supplies, while about 56 wounded people are still in urgent need of transfer to hospitals outside the district.

At the same level, the Houthi militia mocked the suffering of the wounded in Al-Abdiyyah, and demanded that they be handed over to it to take them to Sanaa and Al-Bayda for treatment, in light of the continued siege of the militias and preventing them from taking the wounded to safe areas for treatment.

For the third week in a row, the Houthi militia has imposed a suffocating siege on the Abdiya district, trying to storm it, preventing medicine and food supplies from reaching it, and continuing to close all entrances to transport the wounded and sick outside the district.

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