“Earth” is on a date with the longest partial “lunar eclipse” of the twenty-first century


Today, Friday, the globe is witnessing an exceptional deep partial eclipse, as most of the moon’s disk will be within the Earth’s shadow and its illumination will disappear, and a small part of the moon will remain receiving direct sunlight.

The head of the Jeddah Astronomical Society, Eng. Majed Abu Zahira, said that the partial eclipse will last for 3 hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds. This makes it the longest partial eclipse since the 15th century and the longest in the 21st century.

He pointed out that this eclipse is the second and last in 2021, and it will occur with the moon in the ascending node a day before it reaches the apogee point.

The entire event will be monitored in North America, the Pacific Ocean, Alaska, eastern Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and will not be seen in the skies of Saudi Arabia or the Arab world.

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