Earth sound


Along the fighting axes on the southern front, and with the dusk of each of the previous nights, the Houthi militias are pushing their groups towards the hell of battles.

From the night lenses of the National Army’s reconnaissance units, you see those waves approaching their death, and next to you you see ammunition stacked on the ratchets of the rates waiting for the Houthi crowd, while the shooters are ready and ready.

She returns to the lens of the drums and sees from behind the night the Houthi groups approaching more and more, the commander signals to his companions to let them approach, the minutes of caution pass (and fierce battles are usually preceded by a cautious calm), and the moment the enemy groups arrive at the open place, hell ignites and bullets and guns play the melody of war.

Artillery shells resound violently, so you do not know whether it is the sound of the shell explosion or the sound of this Sabean land that fights stubbornly and valiantly, because the heroes, after hearing the violence of the explosion that almost killed them, were more solid and fiercer, so the violence of the explosion was as if the sound of the earth stirs enthusiasm in the hearts of its heroes and her children.

Another explosion after a shell hit the rock of the mountain, which resembles its brave companions and family. The war continues, and violent battles continue, ripping apart the Houthi groups and crowds.

The losses of the Houthis accumulated night after night, and after five months, the Houthis admit the killing of 15,000 of their members. Of course, there are others wounded, which means the destruction of 15 Houthi brigades within five months.

And the destruction of 15 brigades within five months, means the destruction of a Houthi brigade every ten days, which is the largest loss of manpower since the end of World War II.

In Ma’rib, you hear the sound of the land, you hear the guns of heroes, and you get more confidence in God and in the heroes’ ability to defeat the Persian Empire, a day we see soon and they see it far away.

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