Economic recovery.. The first American comment on the return of the Yemeni prime minister to Aden


Today, Wednesday, the United States of America welcomed the return of the Yemeni prime minister to the interim capital, Aden, on Tuesday, with expectations of an imminent political and economic breakthrough.

Acting US Ambassador to Yemen Kathy Westley said in a statement posted on the account of her country’s embassy on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, he was briefed by “the Yemeni scene.” We welcome the return of the Prime Minister to Aden, and we urge all parties to work together to restore peace and stability. meeting the needs of the people, improving basic services, and achieving economic recovery.

She added: We stand with the Yemeni people, and support the government’s efforts to achieve the hopes and aspirations of all Yemenis for a better future.

Today, Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik held a joint meeting of the leadership of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Yemen, in the presence of Aden Governor Ahmed Lamlas, in his first public activity since his arrival in the city on Tuesday, amid a welcome from the Southern Transitional Council.

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