Emirati newspaper reveals the hidden secret of the withdrawal of the joint forces from Hodeidah… and the next destination for “Tariq Saleh”


An Emirati newspaper revealed major transformations in the war in Yemen, and the next destination for the joint forces loyal to Abu Dhabi, led by Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, after their withdrawal from Hodeidah.

The Emirati newspaper, Al-Arab, issued from London, today, Sunday, quoted sources it described as private, “about the association of these withdrawals with upcoming shifts in the tactics of the war in Yemen on more realistic grounds, and the support of other strategic fronts that are at risk of the Houthi invasion, foremost of which is the Shabwa governorate, which The Houthis took control of three districts of them without much resistance, with indications that the Houthis intend to complete their control and turn them into a gateway to re-invading the liberated southern governorates.

“The sources said that the withdrawals that took place in Hodeidah will contribute to relieving the pressure on the joint resistance forces and will redraw the line of confrontation in a way that enhances the capabilities of those defensive forces and makes them more effective in defense as well as carrying out new attacks after they got rid of the state of engagement that used to be pliers to restrict movement.” Those forces and their depletion in areas are useless militarily and strategically,” according to the newspaper.

The newspaper confirmed, according to its sources, “that the striking force on the western coast of Yemen, especially the forces of the southern giants, after liberation from the balance of tactical terror, will become more effective, and can participate in supporting other fronts in Shabwa and Marib after the shift that occurred in the lines of contact with the Houthis in Hodeidah and changing the rules of engagement away from areas crowded with civilians.”

This comes after a sudden withdrawal of the joint forces from the western coast, in the city of Hodeidah, justifying this step with the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement, signed between the Houthi militia and the legitimate government, which, in turn, denied any connection with these movements, and considered them an achievement for the Houthi militia.

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