Empty flour bags school bags for students in Yemen


In a journey that embodies the suffering and human tragedy experienced by students in Yemen, students in the city of Midi, in Hajjah Governorate (northwest of Yemen), turned empty bags of flour and rice into school bags to keep their books and pens.
The director of a public school in Midi confirmed that more than 100 male and female students do not have school bags or uniforms, as a result of the deteriorating economic conditions of most parents.
According to the principal, most of the students resorted to bags of flour and rice and used them as bags to keep their study tools, pointing out that there are a number of students who come to school barefoot.
In Hajjah Governorate, there are about 26 schools that were completely destroyed, 17 of them in the districts of Midi and Hiran, and others need restoration as a result of the severe damage caused to most of the schools, according to the Education Office in the governorate.
For its part, the International Committee of the Red Cross in Yemen confirmed that more than 2,500 schools were damaged or destroyed due to the conflict in various regions of Yemen, which deprived more than 2 million students of education.

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