Ex-army official: Legitimacy can, within days or hours, obtain weapons from any country


Major General Mohsen Khasrouf said, on Monday evening, that the arms market is open all over the world, and that the legitimate Yemeni government can, within days or hours, obtain weapons from any country, to support the National Army in Shabwa, Marib and Taiz.

The former director of the Moral Guidance Department at the Ministry of Defense added, in a television statement, that the world’s markets are open to the government, and it can perform miracles in a record and short time. “The important thing is to believe the intentions.”

He stressed that everyone wants to see the results of the latest government statement on the ground, and for words to move into action, and for the strategic and tactical goal at this current stage to be urgent and direct support for the national army and the resistance.

Major General Khasrouf explained that the army and the resistance in Marib, Taiz and Shabwa need support with ammunition, quality weapons, medical equipment and logistical supplies.

Major General Khasrouf called for the unification of all republican forces against the Houthis and for those who said that legitimacy is the gun and that the only opponent to Yemen and the Yemenis is the Houthis is believed.

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