Examples of the offensive distortion of the names of the regions of Yemen


The Quraish and Persian settlers have sought to distort Yemen and its civilization throughout history, out of hatred and revenge against the history of this great people, so they distorted everything that is Himyarite Qahtani.

For example, but not limited to, they call the area of ​​​​the back of the donkey (the back of the donkey), an area that goes back to the name of the great ancestor of the donkey.

And they call the Ans tribe (Ans al-Daba), and its real name is Ans Asaad, in reference to King Asaad al-Kamil, and it is the home of King Dhamar Ali Yahbar (Dhul-Qarnayn), and as the great and rebellious king Ablalah bin Kaab al-Ansi came out of it.

And they call the area of ​​Bani Hishan (Bani Hashish), in comparison to livestock feed, and the origin of the name Heshan goes back to a donkey grandfather.

There are many, many names of Yemeni regions that the settler worked on distorting and trying to obliterate their history and greatness.. But I mentioned to you what I know about these areas, and there are many areas that I do not know.

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