Exceeded one million dollars .. George Kordahi responds to the “end of service bonus” from mbc


The Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, revealed the fact that he received huge compensation in exchange for the end of his service at MBC Group.

This came after social media pioneers circulated an image of a document containing a huge reward amounting to more than one million dollars for the end of Qirdahi’s service at MBC Group.

Qardahi re-published a picture of a circulating document, describing it as a new lie and “a mean and ridiculous method of falsifying facts and promoting malicious rumours.”

Qardahi stressed that “this memo is unfounded for two main reasons: First, Mr. Ali Jaber was not working in the MBC during my days when I left the station. Second, I was not an employee in the MBC, but I was working according to contracts related to the programs I present, since 2002. Therefore, I am not entitled to end-of-service indemnities.”

Qardahi attacked “the parties behind spreading such trivial rumours,” as he put it.

Qardahi continued his adherence to his position despite the crisis he ignited with the Gulf states after his defense of the Houthi militia, describing the Yemen war as absurd, and that the militias were defending the Yemeni people from external aggression.

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