Execution of prisoners in Al-Hodeidah governorate and brutally liquidating them… and a message to the United Nations


The Houthi militia has liquidated a number of prisoners, in Al-Hodeidah Governorate, after the withdrawal of the joint forces.

A statement issued by the First Brigade Zaraniq of the Tuhami Resistance Forces confirmed that the Houthi militia had executed a number of soldiers who had been captured in the Taif area of ​​the Ad-Durayhimi district, south of Hodeidah governorate, following the withdrawal of the joint forces from the area.

The statement pointed out that the Houthi militia had slaughtered and liquidated the prisoners, and mutilated their bodies and dragged them.

The statement condemned the incident, which it described as barbaric, terrorist and brutal crimes, noting that it represents the culture of these militias and their dangerous bloody project towards all their opponents and opponents from all the people of Yemen.

The statement called on the United Nations, the Security Council and the international and humanitarian community to investigate the facts about these bloody acts in violation of international humanitarian law, to condemn and stop them, and to protect civilians and prisoners in accordance with international conventions.

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