Explicit US affirmation and Saudi approval: There is no military solution in Yemen


Today, Wednesday, the United States stressed the futility of a military solution to the war and the Yemeni crisis.
“There is no military solution in Yemen,” said the US envoy to Yemen, Tim Linder Kajing, in a press conference held in Riyadh, stressing, “We are working to find a platform that enables Yemenis to discuss their situation.”
The envoy spoke of the United States’ vision to end the war in Yemen, and his country’s vision coincides with the Saudi side, adding that his country “does not see any positive role for Iran in Yemen, but rather is working to fuel the conflict by various means.”

He added, “We consider the Houthi attack on Ma’rib inconsistent with the American vision of finding a peaceful solution to end the war in Yemen. We are pushing for a political solution. We also believe that external parties cannot impose solutions on the inside, and that the Yemeni parties have the ability to dialogue, and they have shown this in the past.”

The US envoy also expressed his country’s concern about the siege imposed by the Houthi militia on civilians in the Abdiya district of Marib, in addition to the US concern about the situation of the Safer oil tank, which threatens to cause a major environmental disaster in the region unless urgent measures are taken to resolve this file.

He pointed out that it is not acceptable to continue missile attacks by Houthi militias on Saudi territory and threaten the safety of citizens.

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