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They say that a man hates for forty years and does not show that, and he loves for one day, and that love appears in his features, and after a week he loves, it appears in his clothes and elegance, and in his increasing interest in hair paints and perfumes, but with the development of life, love began to appear Young people should not from the first day, but as soon as he likes, that love appears in his publications within minutes, and he goes on the second day to do a photo session in order to change the image of his page and its background..

A long time ago, we used to see a young man who thought he was in love, a week ago, he fell in love with one of them, and he sang about her and said that she was the love of his life, then suddenly you find that he has become slandering her and has fallen in love with another woman, and the strange thing is that you find that he loved the first and then hated her And she didn’t know that, he might love a girl because she rode with him on the same bus, or she was standing and buying a potato sandwich from the same potato cart from which he buys his sandwiches.. and that’s kind of good because our friend saw a girl buying potatoes, which means that there is a girl..

But these days we have found virtual love, so you find that some may love a girl because she commented on one of his posts, and some love a girl because he asked for her friendship and she agreed, as if he asked for her hand and the approval came.. and I still remember my conversation with one of my classmates, when she sent me a message apologizing In it, she said that she would not interact with my posts at all, and when I asked her why, she said: After she writes a comment on one of my posts, she receives no less than twenty friend requests from Yemen, and many messages of acquaintance in private.. a people lacking tenderness..

Thus, we find many who have become love with virtual love, who loves a girl if she puts a like, and loves her if she interacts with a heart, but if she interacts with that emoji that embraces the heart, he imagines that she is tempting him about himself, and he did not know that a female may love for forty years and does not show that Never, but if she hates, she cannot hide that for a few minutes.. and we love from a picture and from a comment, until the generations have come to believe in love from the first comment, and they continue to love, pamper and adore for years and then the beloved soldier will come out of Dhamar or else An expatriate from Ibb.. Al-Shahta, O servants of God, is present..

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