“Fahman Abyan” defeated “Ahli Sana’a” for the first time in its history


Fahmane Abyan beat Al-Ahly Sanaa, on penalties, (5-4), for the first time in its history, after the match ended in a positive (1-1) draw, this evening, Saturday, at Sayun Olympic Stadium, in the semi-finals of the Yemeni Football League 2021-2022. .

Mohsen Hassan Al-Baadani, coach of Fahman Abyan, was able to take advantage of his cards in dealing with the course of the match, and the team crowned that by scoring the first goal by Mohamed Saleh Al-Masbahi in the 35th minute.

In the second half, Al-Ahly Sanaa team played with the only option of a tie and then winning to achieve the goal of going up to the final match, and they managed to equalize in the 58th minute through Ammar Al-Qubati.

According to the list of competitions, the two teams went to the penalty shootout directly, which witnessed the victory of Fahmane Abyan (5-4), after the team coach replaced the goalkeeper Abdullah Al-Shaibani and Waheed Ahmed Abdullah entered.

Al-Ahly Sanaa will play the third-place match next Tuesday against the Falcon, which lost to the Sana’a unit, while the Fahman Abyan team will face its counterpart Sana’a in the final of the championship on November 17.

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