Fateful days in the future of the coalition to support legitimacy.. and three scenarios for dealing with the Yemen file, one of which is withdrawal


Yemeni researcher, Abd al-Salam Muhammad, expected that the coming days will be “crucial” in the future of the Saudi-led coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen.

Abdul Salam Muhammad said; He is the head of the Abaad Center for Studies and Research. The coming weeks are crucial for the future of the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen.

He added, “There are three “scenarios” for the coalition to deal with the Yemen file, in light of the Iranian Houthi escalation and the silence of the international community.”

The researcher stated in a tweet via Twitter, that the expected scenarios for the coalition’s handling of the Yemeni file are: (1- Military pressure on the Houthis. 2- Reaching an agreement to stop the war 3- Withdrawal from the Yemen war).

The Yemeni researcher explained that there is information that says that withdrawing from the Yemen war is the most likely scenario for the Arab coalition currently.

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