Finally.. George Qardahi acquiesces and announces his resignation soon


A source close to Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati revealed that Information Minister George Kordahi had succumbed to the pressures that had exhausted his country, in response to his interventions in Yemeni and Gulf affairs, and forcing him to announce his resignation.

The source told Arab News that Information Minister George Qardahi will submit his resignation from the government during the cabinet session that will be held soon.

In turn, Mikati announced on Friday that he would soon call a cabinet session, saying that the situation in the country was “very difficult and people should not have to deal with more crises.”

Mikati’s comments came after protesters stormed the Ministry of Health building in Beirut on Friday morning to protest against the lifting of subsidies on medicines, which led to an increase in the prices of vital health care treatments.

Qardahi’s statements about the war in Yemen prompted both Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states to sever diplomatic and economic ties with Lebanon.

Iran’s Lebanese proxy Hezbollah rejected Qardahi’s resignation to defuse the diplomatic crisis, citing “national sovereignty”.

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