Finally, the Houthi militia reveals the hidden reason for the withdrawal of the joint forces.. It announces its control over Hodeidah governorate, except for one area.


The Houthi militia revealed the reasons for the withdrawal of the joint forces from Hodeidah, their total control over the governorate, confirming their complete receipt.

Al-Mayadeen TV, which is affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah, quoted Houthi sources as saying that “the withdrawal of the coalition forces from the western coast of Hodeidah Governorate comes due to the American and Emirati concern about the developments in the situation in Ma’rib Governorate, which is located to the northeast of the capital, Sana’a.”

The Houthi sources confirmed that the joint forces “withdrew from the coastal region after learning that the coastal battle is a strategy after the liberation of Marib,” according to their claim.

She added that “the coalition withdrew all its forces, including the forces of Tariq Saleh, and the giants’ brigades from the coast towards Aden,” noting that arrangements are now underway in the “south” in anticipation of what it called “a crushing military defeat.”

The Houthi militia confirmed its control of “the coast completely, and the confrontations are currently taking place in Al-Khoukha and Hays.”

The militias stated that their total control amounted to 700 km, stressing that the tightening of their grip on Hodeidah Governorate is complete, with the exception of Khokha, which is expected to enter today, Saturday.

The joint resistance forces withdrew from all their positions in the Hodeidah governorate suddenly, stressing that “the areas governed by the Sweden agreement have been evacuated, as it keeps them demilitarized and safe areas for civilians who signed the agreement on the pretext of their protection and security.”

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