Find out about gold prices in Sanaa and Aden on Thursday morning


“The Yemeni scene” presents you with gold prices in the Yemeni markets inside the jewelers’ shops for today, Thursday, October 7, 2021 AD in both Sana’a and Aden, and they are as follows:

The gold price in Sanaa:

gold fairy:

Buying from you 238000

Selling to you 242000

Gram 24:

Buying from you 34100

Selling to you 35,600 and less/more (depending on the weight of the ingot)

Gram 21:

Buying from you 29600

Selling to you starts from 31,600 or more (depending on workmanship)

18 grams:

Buying from you at a rate of 24300

Selling to you 26,300 or more (depending on the manufacturer)

Gold price in Aden

gold fairy

Purchase: 444,000

Sale: 450,000

24 karat gold gram

Purchase: 63,000

Sale: 66,000

21 karat gold gram

Purchase: 55,000

Sale: 58,000

18 karat gold gram

Purchase: 47,000

Sale: 49,000

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