Find out why the elite love Yasser Al-Awadi and why he is not separated from Saleh!!!


Whoever does not know Yasser Al-Awadi closely cannot understand the people’s love for him and this Facebook demonstration in his eulogy.

I sat in his shrine several times and found all the political currents in his council. One day, Jamal Anam, the reformist, was next to the socialist Marwan Dammaj, Mahmoud Yassin, Muhammad Al-Ala’i, Fikri Qassem and Nabil Subai’, not to mention the conference leaders and sheikhs.

I was a witness to councils like this, and he never used his council to attack his opponents or opponents of the conference. Rather, they were cultural, sports and artistic councils in which some Yemeni songs and Arab songs were heard from time to time, and there are general political discussions like any council in Yemen, his love and giving go to the loyal and the different.

Rahma was working on a policy of containment and rapprochement rather than disharmony in his relationship with everyone, but as a big figure he stands in positions that not everyone likes, and this is the nature of life.

There is something that many people do not know, which is the reason for his close and constant association with President Saleh, even the martyrdom of Saleh. The truth is that his relationship with President Saleh was inherited from his father, Sheikh Ahmed Salem Al-Awadi, who was a personal friend of President Saleh and was one of the pillars of his regime. Rather, he was one of the few who enabled Saleh to He ruled Yemen, and when Sheikh Ahmed Salem Al-Awadi was assassinated in a tribal revenge, as it was said, Yasser was a child with his brothers and was at the age of Ahmed Ali, and when Sheikh Ahmed Salem was dying, President Saleh came rushing to the hospital. More than one person told me: If Ahmed Ali is in this eye, then Yasser and his brothers will be in the other, and this is what was actually done. Most of his brothers went to study military and security abroad, such as the sons of Saleh and his relatives such as Sheikh Tariq Ahmed Salem and Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed Salem.

Since his childhood, Yasser was very close to President Saleh and his sons, and he could reach the president whenever he wanted, and he kept rising in the People’s Congress until he became one of his columns. President Saleh found in him leadership and political talents that made him depend on him as his son in many files. It came to the point that the three, the president, Ahmed his son, and Yasser met to discuss many important matters.

Come on, after all this, can Yasser get out of his father, the president?

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