Followers of the “transitional” in “Europe” raise pictures of “Ben Adyo”


Our comrades in the Transitional Council carried out vigils in some European cities in which they did not raise the image of the fetus lying on the asphalt when I took him out of his mother’s womb and from a world in which nothing saw an explosive device targeting a family whose weapon was a pen and a camera..

They did not raise that picture, which shocks the conscience and humanity, but rather they raised the pictures of the governor of Shabwa, Muhammad Salih bin Udayo..

Foolishness is a weapon with which fools destroy themselves.

Who is this man whose image the people raise? This is the natural question that can be asked by any curious who witnessed this gathering, and because we are in an open world in which the information is easily accessible, the fair can have an idea about the man and an idea also about his opponents..

He is the man who was thrown by fates from the midst of society and its suffering, to lead a ship whose engine is out of order, its rudder is broken, its sail is torn, its hull is worn out, and on top of it are people who are fighting, and he was told you have to succeed in leading it alone. This is the challenge. environment of failure.

People ask their common folk, and they testify that they have never seen Shabwa like this in all of its history.

You ask his opponents, what is your argument, and they answer with a backwards logic, as if their minds are mirrors that see the image in the opposite way.

They see tolerance as arbitrariness and the imposition of state authority and law as repression, and they see truth as false and falsehood as true, and rigidity in their national position is a sin in the era of dependence and absolute dependence.

All that noise will fade away like a buoyant, lightweight foam.

The more the people cry, the more the answer becomes action to the words that a university answers them, roads are built, bridges built, hospitals restored, streets arranged, beaches and gardens, and all of this for empty minds is crimes that deserve condemnation..

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