For a shocking reason…a girl uses three young men to kill her father


A girl tried to kill her father, with the help of three young men, “events,” in the town of Hafir al-Fouqa, in the Sednaya district, in the Damascus countryside governorate.

According to local media, the competent authorities were informed of the presence of the body of a man named “Mahmoud. Z, has a fractured skull and a card in his shoulder.

After investigations, and after her contradictory statements, it was found that the daughter of the victim, “Rasha. Z, is the culprit, as she confessed to trying to kill her father by poisoning him with a hookah, but after her failure, she planned to kill her father in association with each of the events. Muhammed Mutasim. l)” and, “Al-Mu’tasim by God. L, and Alaa. M”, in exchange for smuggling her out of the house after the incident and allowing the aforementioned to steal her father’s house after the incident.

In the details of the crime, Alaa hid behind the door of the house, and Al-Mu’tasim Billah knocked on him, and when the victim came out, Muhammad Mutasim “occupied him.” Then Alaa shot him, causing his death instantly.

The three men were arrested, and a defensive bomb and an iron university were confiscated. By interrogating the arrested, they confessed what was attributed to them, and they also confessed to having committed several robberies in the aforementioned town.

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