For residents of Saudi Arabia … the method of transferring passport information, the conditions for renewing the identity of a resident, and the fine for delay


The Saudi authorities specified the method of transferring the resident’s passport information, the conditions for renewing the resident’s identity, and the fine for delay.

The Saudi Passports explained, through its official account on the Twitter micro-blogging site, that the information transfer is carried out through the employer’s Absher platform.

The Saudi Passports confirmed that the steps for transferring the resident’s passport information through Absher are as follows:

1- Login to the application.

2- Select the electronic services from the list of “Services”.

3- Choose passports.

4- Choose the resident passport identification.

5- Press to start using the service.

6- Choosing if he is an affiliate or an employer.

7- Choose the person to update the information for.

8- Choosing “Next” after confirming the selected person’s information.

9- Fill in the blanks.

10- Click on Update Passport Information.

11- Ensure that the information is correct, and the “I agree” icon must be marked on the terms and conditions, and “Confirm” should be selected.

The Saudi Passports made it clear that the beneficiary is required to be inside the Kingdom in order to be able to carry out the transfer of information, noting that there are no fees for transferring the resident’s passport information.

And the Saudi passports confirmed the possibility of electronically renewing the identity of a resident of those outside the Kingdom after paying the fees through a payment service through the Absher platform or a resident of the employer.

The Saudi Passports added, via its Twitter account, that a fine for delaying the renewal of a resident’s identity is 500 riyals, as a penalty for the first time.

In the second time, a fine of 1,000 riyals was paid, and deportation in the event that a resident’s identity was not renewed within the specified period, according to Saudi Passports.

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